Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Final & Summative Blog Post

Excitement. Panic. Relief. Sadness. Disbelief. 
The end of the semester is here which means my final year as an Education Student is just a few days from being over. Ah! Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday I was enrolled in my first technology course with Mike and here I am almost finished my second!

I remember on that first day of Internet for Educators being so uncertain, sceptical and in a small way upset that I had to take a technology course. Now after taking that course and the ICT course this year, I am glad that I did. My view of technology has changed drastically and so has my attitude towards it.

I find myself using technology more and for things that I never thought I would! For example it is my Dad's 50th birthday in a few days. The big 5.0. When trying to think of an appropriate gift to get him, I was at a loss. Nothing that I thought of was good enough, grand enough, or in my price range haha. After all of the digital storytelling and multimedia presentations we made this semester it occurred to me that the perfect gift was right in front of me. So I, with the help of my sister, started going through and scanning photographs of our Dad's important/memorable life events. After that I decided to turn it into a type of letter thanking him for everything he has done for our family in the last 50 years and had a sequence of pictures to follow/further emphasize the specific thank you note. After I had added music and finalized it, I was actually really impressed with the result! I was so excited to show it to him... so naturally I wasted no time and I showed my Dad his video right away! His response? "You're going to send me a copy of this right?" PERFECT! I had done it. I found the perfect 50th birthday gift through an Education technology course, who knew?

I never thought I would say it, but I am grateful for the technology courses that I have taken. I feel more prepared and confident entering the real-world of teaching. Really, my thanks and praise goes out to one individual in particular.... my professor Mike. Without his patience and expertise I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you Mike!

As I start wrapping up this final blog post I encourage everyone out there to start learning more about technology and to start experimenting! You never know what you might find!

As this is my final blog post, there won't be any "Until next time..."s. Thank you for reading and I wish you all luck with your own adventures with technology. With that being said...

Wish me luck!... JD


  1. Hey Jocelyn, it has been my pleasure to have you in 2 courses! Your blog has been exemplary. The gift you made your Dad seems perfect, great story! All the best in your teaching career - and keep blogging! ;-)